About seminars

Inputcoaching can arrange workshops and/or seminars on topics relevant to any group. We can offer anything from 1 hour lectures, to joining a company on conferences or gatherings over a day, or even over a whole weekend.


Inspirational seminar
The main goal of our seminars is to make our services more accessible and easy to talk to. In order to make sure the employees know their private life is kept private, Inputcoaching can be contacted directly without involving executives or colleagues right away. Seminars can be held for a special department within the company, or for parents in a special situation. For example, parents with children the same age, children with special needs, new mothers/fathers, single parents, children of divorce, or other challenges can be coordinated into one seminar group.

Seminar agenda:
Information about Inputcoaching. A topic – for example active listening. What is it, and how can active listening affect day-to-day communication? Simple exercise – depending on number of participants. Exercise summary. Closing statements, with information from company executive on using Inputcoaching, Anette is available for conversations with employees after the seminar. Time: 2-3 hours.

Other seminars
Our seminars are adjusted according to your needs.

Topic suggestions:

  • How to succeed as both an employee and as a parent, make the best of both
  • So much to do, so little time – time planning tools
  • Good framework and boundries at work and at home – strategies for maintaining these in a satisfying way.
  • Divorce – challenges at work and at home
  • Support for employees with elderly/sick parents